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11/22/2020 3:50 am  #1

​Watch the hilarious Spider-Man

Bug or Glitch is an error that occurs in the game. Which players can often meet in games with large scene processing and a large number of objects. That is why many games have to face the wrong display of the game more or less. That includes the high-quality action packed Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales recently released.

Instead of playing the role of Spider-Man, hang out on a slot mission to protect the city. Many players encountered a bug in the game during play. That has transformed his superhero character into everything within the game. Such as becoming a Spider-Trash or a Iron Spider-Barrier fence. That can hang and fight the evil as if nothing happened Causing a lot of humor to the players who met each other

And the trick is that this bug doesn't turn the player into just one item. But still able to change into many things continuously Since it was turned into a sheet of ice, a metal fence and a T-shirt that made everything within the game. Can become a hero to protect the world as well

Even being a Next Gen or a game with high quality standards. In the end, there is a chance that this kind of bug will occur, but the Spider-Objects bug. This is also something that makes many people feel more like and interested in seeing each other. Because these bugs are not able to tell when players will meet in person, however, most players will be able to finish the game without encountering any problems. Because the fun in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is full. Which fans of Spider-Man games can follow now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


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