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3/11/2017 3:36 pm  #1

Application Process to join Chrono


In order to join Chrono we have a recruitment process to ensure the most high quality recruits join.

Our current requirements are:

- 900+ AP (Must have minimum legendary bracelet and belt, soul stage 10, Awakened pet, baleful/seraph weapon stage 12)
- Good availabilities, able to stay up until midnight UK time
- Good DPS (80k+ sustained DPS with Longui in Training Room)
- BT experience preferred but not mandatory

Please familiarise yourself with the rules on the main website ( To join the clan please copy and paste the application form below in a new thread.

Thread title: 

Application - (Your in game name)/(Class)/(Attack Power)

Example: Application - Frenzy/Destroyer/835 AP

Thread contents:

1 - Tell us briefly about yourself:

2 - What are you looking for by joining this clan?

3 - In game name:

4 - What is your usual ping? How often do you crash/DC?

5 - What experience do you have with BT? Who was it with?

6 - When are your availabilities? List what times you are available to play the game Monday-Sunday. Give us what hours exactly you are likely to be on using the following format:

Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
​Sunday -

Example: I am able to play Monday to Sunday all day except Wednesday, Friday and Saturday where I am gone all day.

7 - Are your availabilities flexible? For example, if we ask you to stay awake an hour or two longer to complete the raid are you able to do that?

8 - Please provide a screenshot of your gear:

9 - Please do a DPS test for us. Provide 2 screenshots of your DPS meter against Longui in the Training Room. One picture should be of your burst and the other of your sustained DPS.

10 - Do you have voice communications such as Discord? Are you willing to use them?

11 - Have you read all the rules and agree to them?

12 - Any comments or questions please leave them below.

13 - Do you agree to the following statement?

I have read the Chrono rules and will follow them to the best of my ability.

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