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11/19/2020 12:09 am  #1

​CPALL accepts Q4 / 63 results, still challenging

CPALL accepts Q4 / 63 results, still challenging after the tourist contraction from last year

Mr. Kriengchai Boonpoapichart, Chief Financial Officer of CP ALL PCL (CPALL), revealed that the company admits that its performance in the fourth quarter of 2020 is still challenging. Since the fourth quarter of every year is a high season of business with foreign tourists visiting Thailand, various festivals are held. And the government's economic stimulus measures at the end สล็อตof the year But this year with the COVID-19 situation Has affected foreign tourists unable to travel to Thailand normally.

The number of tourists this year is expected to drop to less than 10 million from 40 million, while Thai tourists have declined. It is expected to decrease to about 1 million from the original 3 million.

However, although the government has released half of the measures to stimulate spending through the project. And the Shop Good Have Night project But some projects may not be used in conjunction with 7-11 convenience stores because they are not in the conditions set by the government. However, although the company Will not be directly affected But also indirectly received positive impacts Because when there is more spending It is expected that the rest will come to CPALL.

As for the progress of the Tesco Lotus merger, after the Trade Competition Committee (KKU) approved the merger conditionally. Currently the company Still being considered in various conditions And analyze the impact of whether it can be performed or not Before agreeing to accept the conditions and notify the seller or Tesco Lotus, England, preparing to proceed

Mr. Kriengchai said that in terms of investment budget this year, the company has maintained investment budget at 11,500-12,000 million baht, divided into an expansion of 700 branches as before, and renovations to 7-11 convenience stores, as well as regular investments in IT systems, while initially in the year the 64 aims to expand 700 additional branches.


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Re: ​CPALL accepts Q4 / 63 results, still challenging


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Re: ​CPALL accepts Q4 / 63 results, still challenging

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Re: ​CPALL accepts Q4 / 63 results, still challenging


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Re: ​CPALL accepts Q4 / 63 results, still challenging

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Re: ​CPALL accepts Q4 / 63 results, still challenging

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Re: ​CPALL accepts Q4 / 63 results, still challenging


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