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4/28/2020 10:56 pm  #1

Flying Saucer

His dad liked to fly balloons. His dad bought big balloons and filled them with helium. Helium is a gas. It is a gas that makes balloons float into the sky. One day his dad brought home a new balloon. He took it out of the box. He took it outside. He tied the balloon to spikes with ropes. The spikes were in the ground. The ropes and spikes kept the balloon on the ground. He filled the balloon with helium. He asked Junior what the new balloon looked like. "It looks like a flying saucer!" said Junior. "It looks like a real flying saucer! Is there an alien inside?"

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4/29/2020 12:42 am  #2

Re: Flying Saucer

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Re: Flying Saucer

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Re: Flying Saucer

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Re: Flying Saucer

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Re: Flying Saucer


4/29/2020 6:14 am  #7

Re: Flying Saucer


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Re: Flying Saucer

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Re: Flying Saucer

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Re: Flying Saucer

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